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The MSE-Series, or Mouse Droids were a popular product line of MSE "Mouse" droids. These droids were often programmed with a single task that changed on each assignment. Once they were set on the mission, they would do nothing else.

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The MSE-Series General-Purpose Droid was originally sold to the Chadra-Fan planet. They were similar to the pleeky, a common household pet. They thought that the Galactic market would think it was "cute", and manufactured billions of them. They were sold considerably well, however, many were were returned, as they reminded people of disease-carrying vermin. In one particular event, the entire Aar'aa species sent them back, because they thought that the little droids skittering underfoot made them uncomfortably hungry. Eventually the Chadra-Fan homeworld became so desperate that they offered every single one of the droids to the Imperial Navy, as they were short on droids and needed to catch up with the other Imperial forces. They offered them for a small cost and gave all of them to the Galactic Empire. Every ship in the fleet now had hundreds of them.

These droids were often used as messengers in very large Imperial ships and battle stations as well as leading troops through mazes of corridors to their assigned posts. They also had two small internal arms and they could do a variety of tasks such as sanitation and security. On the Death Star, they led stormtroopers through its many hallways and levels. They were programmed to melt their processors upon capture, creating a small, localized explosion. In the Yuuzhan Vong War, some MSEs were updated to serve as miniature YVH 1 droids that specialized in detecting ooglith masquers.

The droid factories in Uffel produced a successful variant of the MSE-series, the MSF-Series.

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