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"Ah! Welcome! I'm GG-36, your friendly hospitality assistant--"
―GG-36 welcoming Jarael and Camper

GG-36 or Gigi was a GG-Series Hospitality Droid on Telerath. She greeted the disguised Jarael and Camper upon their arrival and explained the banking planet and its vacation resort type appearance. She later got a job working for Gryph's restaurant on Coruscant.

Description Edit

GG-36 is a purple feminine droid, who is meant to appear humanoid. She appears to be less bulky than most other droids. Her sensor color, or eyes, are light blue. Her primary purpose is to welcome visitors to Telerath.

History Edit

Designed by the Adascorp company, GG-36 or "Gigi" is a droid of hospitality who worked on the planet Telerath. GG-36 welcomed one day the Baron Hyro Margryph and Chantique who made a speech on the Bank of Telerath's innovative policy, before guiding them until a representative biological society which, by some coincidence, was other than Arvan Carrick, the father of their travel companion Zayne.

During the battle of Serroco, the destruction of the brave ship sowed panic on Telerath because this defeat left this world defenseless against the Mandalorians, and GG - 36 attempted to bring order to ensure that the evacuation is happening in the quiet. Lucien Draay, whose family had an interest in the Bank, asked him on this occasion the reason of this panic and Gigi explained what was happening before indicate, at his request, a place where he could send a secure communication.

Fortunately for her, Gigi was evacuated with the organic and thus escaped the capture of Telerath by the Mandalorians. Later, she found a job in the Gryph restaurant on Coruscant.

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